The Digital Underground: A Journey through the Internet

During the winter semester of 2019/2020 I took a course on something called "Underground Literature". At the time I had no idea what could be ment by that other than the facts that, in some ways, this course would deal with literature and I like literature, so what could go wrong? Well nothing went wrong, I just fell into the biggest rabbit hole I've ever come across. Never could I have guessed that the worlds and ideas I was introduced to in this class would be so strange yet fascinating that they would continue to haunt me to this a good way. Yet with all my obsession with the topic of undergrounds I still haven't found a way to accurately talk about them. That's partially because discovering and really understanding undergrounds is a practice that takes time.

So instead - for the sake of finishing this project - I decided to make a video essay on aspects of digital undergrounds. This video by no means covers everything there is to be said about the undergrounds of the internet but it might give you an idea of what it is that I find so thrilling about this whole topic of underground worlds and, who knows, it might make you fall for them (or into them) too.